2016 Niagara LSC Scholarship
In Honor of Frances Klier, Ruth Whelehan & Barbara Paradis.

Please be sure to read all of the information before submitting the application so you don't miss anything. 

The application can be filled out here 
(this is currently disabled until the 2016 scholarship period is announced.)

Applications will be accepted until MIDNIGHT MAY 31, 2016
  • Eligibility restriction: Per NCAA rules, athletes planning to swim at a Division I school and have competed on a Zone team are ineligible for this scholarship. 
  • Official transcripts should be sent directly from the school to by the deadline.
  • Two letters of recommendation are required to be submitted to by the deadline. These letters should be from:
    • ​An adult who is familiar with your character and swimming achievements but not your coach.
    • The President of your current USA Swim Club. If the President is your parent please have the Vice-President complete the letter.
  • You will receive a confirmation from upon receipt of the transcript and letters of reference.
  • The scholarships will be announced at the LSC Championship Meet. Recipients will also receive a confirming email. 

The scholarship committee will be awarding a maximum of 10 $500 scholarships again this year.

Disclosure:  If you have received a fully funded collegiate scholarship, NCAA rules prohibit you from accepting this scholarship.  Please notify the Scholarship Committee Chair at


Past Scholarship Winners (this is a work in progress!)

2015 2014 2013 2012 2011

Jesse Bennett (PACK)

Emily Nicastro (WEBS)

Allison McCarthy (TTSC)

Shannon Bermingham (TWST)

William Dixon

Shannon Cahalan (SYCH)

Kelly Martin (WEBS)

Krista Barbeau (WEBS)

Cecile Browning (ISWM)

Colleen Ferguson (CSCI)

Rebecca Anthone (TTSC)

Garrett Clarke (JETS)

Alex LaPoint (FAST)

Sydney Modeas (STAR)

Ronan Corgel (ITAC)

Dina Rommel (TTSC)

Patrick Ransford (PACK)

Joshua Lacey (SYCH)

Jessica Halladay (FAST)

Emma Shi (FAST)

Erick Burgwardt (Golden Comets)

Courtney Cook (CAGO)

Chris Fristchi (TWST)

Hannah Graesser (TTSC)

Emily Martin (SHARKS)

Kate Mosca (MERC)

Sara Mosca (MERC)

Sophie Nothnagle (Golden Comets)

Jeff Williamson (Golden Comets)

Alexis Wojtowicz (EDEN)

Drake Becksted (OLSC)

Rachel Brekovsky (FAST)

Morgan Burns (HAST)

Christopher Garman (WEBS)

Patrick Greaney (MERC)

Andrew Marsh (TTSC)

William Patrum (STAR)

Danielle Proper (SDSC)

Samuel Rice (FAST)

Dylan Telford (TTSC)

Lauren Caldwell (STAR)

Garrett Graesser (TTSC)

Courtney Otto (STAR)

Danielle Phillips (PACK)

Alec Porkornowski (TTSC)

Charles Rommel (CLSC)

Kyle Smith (TTSC)