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The Clarence Swim Club, a member of USA Swimming, located in Clarence NY is seeking part time assistant coaches. Coaches must have or be able to acquire CPR, First Aid and Lifeguard training.

Applicants will have to pass a USA Swimming background check as well as pass an athlete protection course. 

Experience is preferred but not necessary.

If interested please contact Head Coach Tom Steuer ,  716-597-4495 or



The Buffalo City Swim Racers (BCSR) is seeking a part-time assistant coach to work in all levels of the program including but not limited to learn-to-swim through competitive levels.  Hours per week can range from 4-12 hours depending on responsibilities.  Opportunity for additional hours may become available as BCSR creates additional programming.  

Coaching aspects for daily workouts

  • Writes workouts a week at a time, one week in advance
  • Keeps a neat and organized workout log available for inspection by the head coach at any time
  • Keeps daily attendance
  • Arrives 15 minutes early for all workouts and begins workouts on time
  • Wears team issued gear and maintains an overall professional manner
  • Workout design includes a researched dryland program which is age and skill appropriate
  • Creates workouts designed to develop swimmer for the next group
  • Helps swimmers set performance goals
  • Helps swimmers set outcome goals
  • Includes quality stroke work as part of the workout plan
  • Maintains control of all swimmers in workout
  • Has authority to dismiss an swimmer temporarily-contacts head coach as soon as possible
  • Supervises locker room before and after practices



  • Keeps an organized notebook including:
    • Attendance
    • Seasonal planning
    • Workouts
    • Best times
    • Rosters
  • Writes monthly reports including:
    • Attendance by age and sex
    • Writes column for monthly newsletter
    • Attends board meetings upon reasonable request of head coach/executive director or board president
    • Disburses meet information
    • Attends all staff meetings


Swim Meets

  • Selects individual’s meet events and reviews with each swimmer
  • Recommends individual’s meet schedule (with parent approval)
  • Has prompt attendance on all scheduled meet days-15 minutes prior to warm-up time
  • Structures individual and group warm-ups and ensure safety that complies with USA Swimming warm-up procedures
  • Attends pertinent meetings at all meets
  • Wears team colors and maintains a neat appearance
  • Speaks to each swimmer before and after each event
  • Observes all swims
  • Records split times for all swims



  • Supports head coach and team policies
  • Conducts himself/herself with the highest moral and ethical standards
  • Follows the chain of command starting with the head coach to board president to board of directors
  • Establishes an environment that fosters positive team attitudes, encourages self-discipline, sportsmanship and responsibility
  • Promotes the organization
  • Maintains current USA Swimming coach membership including completion of all required safety courses
  • Maintains full compliance with USA Swimming Code of Conduct
  • Positive role model to athletes
  • Seek and attend  educational opportunities offered by the organization or beyond


For more information, contact Mike Switalski at 716-359-4729 or by email at